International Communities for Active Nonviolence, North America

ICAN Internationally

Where Are Nonviolent Cities Being Built?


Latin America: Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay

Europe: France, Belgium, Spain, Germany

North America: California

Africa: Uganda

How is the Project Being Implemented?


By City Governments
Five cities in Argentina have passed resolutions in favor of the program, and currently mandate the Active Nonviolence Training for city personnel, including police, health workers, members of the departments of safety, justice, communication, social workers, and public administrators. The course is also available to members of social organizations, as well as local families and students.

In Public School Systems
Numerous public schools in Argentina implement the program (developed since 2003 with teachers in 35 elementary schools and 100 kindergartens)

At Universities

  • Five Argentine State Universities offer the course for credit.
  • The National Technological University offers a certificatefor “Communities and Networks of Active Nonviolence Expert.”

Training is offered at a major prison, a nursing school, and a training center for disadvantaged citizens.


  • The National Association of Psychologists offers a certificate course to all its members nationwide – 85 members are currently certified
  • The Peruvian Senate is considering a bill in favor of the program
  • The Lima Dept. of Education sponsored a presentation to 400 innovative teachers

Neighbors and political representatives are holding the training in a Brussels township.

United States
Our pilot program starts in May 2014 with newly translated teaching materials. Trainers have already taken the course with its original designer. Initial courses will be given in the San Francisco Bay Area.


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